I hope you are enjoying the sun this week. I am recovering from a post work 16 mile bike ride – sold to me as 10 miles but a road was closed – well that was the excuse anyway. Treat me very gently – padded shorts only help so much!

Long letter this week, kicking off with El Maestro’s rehearsal schedule for next Monday.
Kyrie, Christe, Kyrie
Et vitam venturi (this was new April 21)
Cum sancto – focussing especially on the beginning p77-93 (as we worked on p94-end in details last week)
Mascagni Easter Hymn Editor’s note – get your opera choruses books out p145!

If time is short – look at Cum sancto, and Et vitam venturi (if you were absent on April 21) – Editor’s note El Maestro was lulling us into a false sense of security when he said that Cum Sancto was the hardest bit. I’d say Et vitam venture gives it an excellent run for difficulty!

The El Maestro Gold Star Award for services to precision singing – Sops take note!
Round of applause to Andrea Rigby who spotted that on Page 136 of the Ricordii version: Et resurrexit 4th bar bottom line. We need to colour in the A-sharp which is currently a minim and make it a crochet – otherwise we will be a beat behind and for once it won’t be our fault!!

Proposal to hold a Barn Dance in October – Message from Veronica and Susie
Veronica and Susie are up for organising an SCS social event. They are thinking of a Barn Dance on 24th October. It might feel like a long way off – but it will take some organising and so they would like to see how many are interested before they start to plan it. They are thinking of holding it in the Catholic Church Hall (where we have drinks after the Carol Service). If you are interested – be prepared to stick your hand up next week! If you cannot make the rehearsal but think that this is a fab idea, let me know and I will find a person with a spare hand to stick it up for you!!

Stroudissimo fundraising results are in – well done choir!
Deborah asked me to attach the results of our fundraising for Minpins and The Giraffe, Pelly and Me commission. Fantastic results – overall we have raised £11,796 for the commission and we have £4198 in the Minpins account. These numbers don’t include the sales of the book at Sotheby’s. Not bad work – special thanks to all those who have made this happen and donated items (personally I cannot wait to enjoy Polly’s afternoon tea yummm!). Not forgetting either, all those went to the Stroudissimo event or bought auction items!

Disappointing tour 2016 news from Richard and Molly
We have disappointing news for all the ‘definites’ and ‘possibles’ on the Normandy Tour planned for next year. Unfortunately the numbers we got simply didn’t work out in terms of choir balance; we wanted to make this very much ‘our’ choir tour so did not want to raid other choirs to bolster up the numbers. Nor could we risk not getting the numbers we needed. So very sorry, the tour is postponed.

However, after the success of the Swansea event, we are looking into repeating the idea of day tours within an easy coach ride from Stroud. Everyone who went on the Swansea tour enjoyed themselves enormously and the singing was terrific. We see this as a way forward until maybe 2017 when once again we could see if there is enough of every voice part to make a tour possible.

For those who would like the experience of singing abroad without the choir, there are organisations who run choir events where singers go to a great European city for a few days, practise a piece with a conductor and then perform. One of the best is runbysingers.org.

Once again, we are sorry about this but there is plenty to look forward to this year, and of course, next year with The Giraffe, Pelly and Me Premiere

Not forgetting that all important post rehearsal party every Monday!

Do join us after rehearsals, we really are a friendly choir! Directions to the Old Crown, Ruscombe Road (next to Archway school). Turn right out of Marling or Beards Lane onto Caincross. At the roundabout take the 3rd exit past the fire station and follow up to the mini-roundabout. Take the first exit and then immediately take the first left into Ruscombe Road – also signposted to Archway school. The Pub is on the right – however take a right as if going into the school and immediate left into the car park.