I hope you are suitably refreshed and recovered from your festive exertions, ready to start singing on Monday evening!
Please try to arrive a little early if you intend to hire a score. If you want to buy your own, we are using the old Novello edition, in English(available at Music Dynamics with your 10% discount).

We are performing Haydn’s Creation in English in the Old Novello edition. If you have the New Novello you will be battling with 2 problems:
Words are printed in English and German so some confusion on rhythms which are printed to suit both languages. But also, more importantly the words are changed in the New Novello. Thus you will need to keep your wits about you as we go along and keep comparing with a friend/neighbour.
This week the word alterations will be at a minimum, but I will flag up the problem choruses as we proceed.
Apologies from me as I’ll be at the Chapel Royal and Simon will be covering for me, with David Bednall accompanying. Simon will be working on:

Chorus No 2 (p3) And the Spirit of God
No 3 (p8) Despairing, cursing
No 5 The marv’llous work (p17 NB top line is the soprano soloists)
No 14 The heavens are telling (p42)
No‎ 27 Achieved is the glorious work (p90)
No 29 Achieved is the glorious work (p99).

Have a good rehearsal!
Best wishes

Brough has been interviewed for Cotswold Life and is resplendent in his pink jacket on both the front cover and inside! There are many references to Stroud Choral and the commission so read it and be proud!

Please come with your chequebook ready to get your tickets for this fantastic event. I have attached the flyer for you to send to your friends!