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After last week’s AGM I’m aware we need to offer a vote of thanks to our terrific committee who do so much hard work. The choir has improved radically and is much more musically confident and a really friendly place now. In my view the hard working, energetic, creative and inspiring committee are responsible for this huge improvement in the musical and social quality of the society.
What has been heartening was the overwhelming positive feedback received about recent events and future projects. A choir which just breaks even on an annual basis is not a choir full of energy and life or vision and by taking some risks the choir has a purpose and is thriving. My impression from the overwhelming majority is that they support the vision the committee is presenting for the future.
Please share my congratulations and appreciation for their conscientiousness and diligence and sheer energy and commitment. The choir would be a less successful place without these energetic Tiggers!

Please send your offers directly to

Please note that this is on Friday 14th November, 7.30pm at Marling. We usually have this rehearsal on the Thursday before the concert but had to change this time.

Dinner Jackets and black bow ties for men, ladies in black blouses. Please refer to your members handbook for more detailed description re skirt length etc.

We are advertising Gerontius in Tewkesbury in the following papers on the following dates:
Stroud News: 22nd & 29th October
Gloucester Citizen: 31st October & 7th November
Gloucester Echo: 31st October & 7th November

Please note the start time has changed to 7.15pm, this Thursday 16th. If this is your first rehearsal remember to bring your £10.
That’s all. As I’m moving house in 11 days the phrase “this emptying out of each constituent’ has a slightly different meaning to me!!