Kyrie p11
Rescue him p34
SSAA Praise 95-102
SATB Praise 103-108
Praise to the h 111-147
Lord thou hast been 167-168
Praise to the h 169-177

We haven’t done the 8 part chorus for a few weeks, so possibly worth a quick look again at p111- 147 especially!

Please note that this is the formal section of the AGM where we vote the committee members in and adopt the accounts.(see attached). The open forum will be held after the summer concert when Huw and Brough(assuming he get’s voted back!) present their annual reports. It will be brief as we don’t want to eat into our precious rehearsal time.
You are always welcome to approach a committee member if you have any comments, or send an email to this address. There is also an open discussion forum on our Facebook page; if you would like to join the group please find me(Molly Stewart) on Facebook and make a friend request.

I think we have made this point already but good ticket sales ensure we have the funds to pursue ambitious projects such as the commission and a youth choir, as well as putting on big concerts. We make the same amount wether you get the tickets from Hilary on a Monday, or direct your friends to the online box office: although they will have to pay 70p postage). Please circulate the attached poster to your contacts.